Welcome to our fantastic world of flying dreams !

We’re pleased you found your way here and we can’t wait show you the amazing sights of our Large and EXTRA Large kites.

Our motto is:
Our kites fill the sky with an extravaganza of color and creativity in as little storage space as possible

All our kites are lovingly hand-crafted in Germany with much care and dedication.

Your kite hobby deserves the highest level of know-how, extensive research and perfect sowing skills.
We will conscientiously create the exact kite of your dreams regardless of color, size or shape. RZ-kites can make all your kite fantasies come true.

In addition we always have a couple of kites awaiting their new owners in our stock.
Just have a look in our Shop - perhaps we have something waiting just for you.

For a closer look at the kite you’re interested in, click the menu Our Kites and enjoy the wonderful views of rz-kites doing what they do best.

Here is a small selection of the kites we offer.

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